Little tool to monitor your FritzBox's connection status
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A simple app to monitor the connection status of your FRITZ!Box.


  • shows essential connection data of your FRITZ!Box
  • reloads said data every few secs
  • looks good while doing it


Loading data Displaying information about a working connection

Known issues

  • It’s in German. If your FRITZ!Box is set to English for some reason, all text after the “Lädt…” loading indicator should be in English too, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • This app doesn’t work if there’s a password set in your admin panel. Password pages should be easy to implement, but since I’m not using a password, I won’t. I will not implement support for password protection because AVM’s documentation in that regard is lacking. I tried.
  • The only officially supported FRITZ!Box model is the 7270 v3 running the most recent firmware. Support for your model will have to be done by either you or others. Sorry. As of version 1.2.1, all FRITZ!Box models running at least FRITZ!OS 6.05 are supported. If something breaks, please file an issue and tell me what model and OS version you are using.

Feedback and support

Just tweet at me @SamusAranX or drop me a mail. Feel free to file an issue if you encounter any crashes, bugs, etc.:


I’m not affiliated with AVM. I wrote this app because I wanted to document the connection drops I was experiencing several months ago. Please don’t sue me