Lightweight write-only Twitter client for OS X 10.10+
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A lightweight write-only Twitter client for OS X 10.10+

Update: Apple deprecated its Social framework in macOS 10.13, so TwitMin will not work on 10.13 and upwards. Twitter's replacement framework looks like a major PITA to integrate, so this project is pretty much dead.


  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Basic text highlighting for @usernames, #hashtags, $cashtags, and URLs
  • An accurate (as in "uses Twitter's reference implementation" accurate) character counter
  • Hotkeys!
    • ⌘⇧↩︎ (system-wide, opens the tweet composer)
    • ⌘↩︎ (sends tweet)
  • Light and dark themes to accomodate macOS' Dark Mode

TwitMin’s light theme TwitMin’s dark theme

Feedback and support

Just tweet at me @SamusAranX or drop me a mail. Feel free to create an issue if you encounter any crashes, bugs, etc.: