Be notified by text if a course has space
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Be notified by text message the instant a University of Waterloo course you're interested in has an open spot



You can install these from their source pages. You can also use pip with or without virtualenv:

sudo pip3 install lxml requests twilio

Install Armadillo

git clone
cd armadillo
sudo make

Acquire UW API key

You'll need to acquire a University of Waterloo API key, which you can do here

Setup SMS

Now you'll need to sign up for a free Twilio trial if you don't already have a Twilio account. After signing up, Twilio will prompt you to generate a phone number to send sms texts from, which you should do.

You can now set up your credentials.yml file as instructed in the file itself. Once you have filled in each field, run sudo make and you're done!


To watch a course for openings

armadillo <term> <subject> <course_number>

To stop watching a course

armadillo -r <term> <subject> <course_number>

To stop watching all courses

armadillo -r all


  • document additional scraper functions