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A Minecraft Mod which adds tiny clay soldiers and additional content for those.

For Players:

Please read this first if you're running a Mac! (or have Java 6)

If you experience any bug, issue, crash whilst using this mod or you have any feature request, feel free to open a new issue over here > SanAndreasP/ClaySoldiersMod/issues!

For Modders:

If you want to add a new feature / possible bugfix to the mod, feel free to fork this repo, make your changes and make a Pull Request. Read the For Developers section below on how to get a workspace built.
If you want to develop a new addon for this mod, download the compiled jar file and add it as a library in your workspace (IDE required).
For the latter, you'll also need to get the Manager Pack Coremod from here > SanAndreasP/SAPManagerPack. Instructions on how to use that are in the README there.

For Developers

Here are the Instructions on how to build a new workspace (for PullRequests / Maintainers) of this repo:

  • Fork this repo and download it via a git client (I recommend SourceTree)
  • run gradlew setupDecompWorkspace
  • setup a new workspace in your preferred IDE, here an example for IntelliJ:
    • open IntelliJ and open a new project
    • point to the build.gradle
    • leave the default settings and click "OK"
    • After the project is loaded, open the "Gradle" tab (may be invisible for you, in which case click on the icon in the bottom left corner and select "Gradle" from there)
    • Execute the task "genIntelliJRuns" via double-click on it
    • Reload the project
  • Done!
  • Please note that we code in Java 7, so you'll need at least the Java Development Kit (JDK) 7 (ver. 8 works as well)! Also make sure your code added to this repo compiles against Java 7 or earlier!

Have fun playing :squirrel:


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