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Maktoub is a Ruby on Rails engine for email newsletters.

  • Write your newsletter as you would write any view (erb partial)

  • Maktoub sends your email in multipart as both html and text


# Add this line to your Gemfile
gem 'maktoub'

Then 'bundle install'



You can run 'rails generate maktoub:config' to generate the configuration file. This task creates a matkoub.rb initializer file (in config/initializer) Follow instructions inside the file to configure it the way you want.


Create a newsletter as a normal view partial in app/views/maktoub/newsletters/. The subject of the newsletter will be automatically deduced from the partial's name.

Editing Styles

Create a view partial in app/views/layouts/maktoub/_styles.erb. Note that this completely overrides the styles that come with maktoub. You can copy the built-in styles and override them.

Sending messages

Maktoub comes with two rake tasks to allow you to:

  • send a test message to the “from” address of your newsletter.

    rake maktoub:test['name_of_my_newsletter_partial']

  • publish the newsletter to all your subscribers. If you have delayed_job installed then it will use it to deliver each email as a background job

    rake maktoub:mail['name_of_my_newsletter_parial']

Alternatively you have access to a Maktoub::NewsletterMailer ActionMailer object with a publish method

Maktoub::NewsletterMailer.publish('my_newsletter_partial', :name => 'User name', :email => '')

View in browser

To be able to view your newsletter in a browser add it to routes.rb.

# mount the engine at a path of your choice.
# you would access the newsletter at:
mount Maktoub::Engine => "/"


Send a pull request including documentation changes and tests.

To do

  • integrate with TravisCI

  • create github page for project

  • allow management of multiple lists

  • allow rendering of newletter from remotely hosted views (e.g. S3)

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