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DCSS with difficulty option and some other changes
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DCSS with difficulty option and some other changes.

  1. monster_hp_difficulty=100

Possible values are 1-1000. Monster HP is changed as hp = hp * monster_hp_difficulty / 100; Default is 100.

1a) monster_xp_difficulty=100

Possible values are 1-1000. Allows to control XP from killing monsters. XP part which depends on max HP is calculated as maxHP*100/monster_xp_difficulty. If you want to get the same XP as before, it should have the same value as monster_hp_difficulty. For example: monster_xp_difficulty = 200 monster_hp_difficulty = 200 and you will have monster with 200% HP but the same XP as normal monsters.

  1. turns_for_comes_into_view_again = 10

Default is -1 i.e. the message is disabled.

  1. Damage dealt to monster is displayed for most sources

Cannot be hidden

  1. To_hit for damaging spells (success chance similar to hexes)

Cannot be hidden

  1. confirm_action += Borg

confirm_action += Death's Door

You will get confirmation dialog before casting the spells. This option is case-sensitive. Default is none

  1. display_numbers = true

You will see AC/EV/MR as numbers instead of bars. Something like this: Full Windows 64 bit version can be downloaded at

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