@Sandokaaan Sandokaaan released this Apr 21, 2018

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New QR graphic by Goldmansucks

Download new EAC wallet fo Windows here.
Virus scan results (2 false positive).

Versions for Linux, Apple and Android coming soon.

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Mac OSX binary: EarthCoin-Qt.zip
Windows binary: EarthCoin-Qt.exe
Linux binary: earthcoin-qt
Blockchain data for instant sync: (https://mega.nz/#!ZH5HjKaZ!XVRKBDQXwxUT5C0SOVELsFwDAXIozJj01N5pgBS3OSE)

Known issues:

If you have a problem with the EAC wallet, please ask the comunity for a help:
or send me an e-mail to sandokaaan@newearthcoin.com

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Sept-2017, termination monopoly, protection against large block reorganization, disconnect older versions