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Welcome to the Sandra.Snow wiki!

Special thanks to Tyrone Rieschiek and Nicolas Gates for designing the Snow Logo! And a special thanks to Henrik Andersson for designing the Snow Byte theme. You guys are awesome <3

And thanks to all those who have contributed, love you guys also!

Checkout these Blogs using Snow

Please use the Sidebar to get started and take a look at the SnowSite directory in the repo as a guide on how to setup your blog.

Change Log

1.8.1 (download zip)
  • Fixed RSS to only render published posts (was publishing all for some reason)

1.8.0 (download zip)
  • Added all Posts / Drafts to BaseViewModel so they are accessable anywhere (link)
  • Allow posts to be stored in sub directories (link - thanks Stuart Grassie)
  • Added categories, authors, and all posts to RSS (link)
  • Fixed pathing issue on nix (link - thanks blaircamp)
  • Fixed ordering of categories (link - thanks Johan Nilsson)
  • Made categories case insensitive (link - thanks Johan Nilsson (again :smile:))

1.7.0 (download zip)
  • Order posts by exact date (link - thanks Erfan Noury)
  • Do not show posts in the future (link - thanks Johan Nilsson)
  • New excerpt feature (Excerpt Block) (see issue - wiki updates to come)
  • URL Formats that end in .html (see issue - thanks George Hahn)
  • Updated all references

  • New SnowByte theme (snowbyte) Template uses this by default
  • Old theme still available (default) uses my blog skin
  • Merging of assemblies now has 3 dll's :( but should be runable on Mono now (paths to be fixed)
  • Absolute URLs in RSS
  • Absolute URLs in Atom
  • New Atom processor
  • Allow extensions on post URLs
  • Allow copy directory to root (using . as the path)
  • New Universal analytics Extension Method (new Google Analytics crap)
  • New Page Size config option (dictates the # of items on paging)

  • Minor bug fixes to stop the .exe crashing

  • New server=true config setting, allows you to run a test server!
  • Merging of most assemblies, now requires .exe and 1 .dll

Breaking Changes Now that assemblies are merged, you will need to remove all the .dll files except for Nancy.ViewEngines.Razor.dll

The _compiler file should now only contain Snow.exe and Nancy.ViewEngines.Razor.dll :)

  • Support for AllCategories on the base view model (thanks @ritasker)

Breaking Changes Now that we have AllCategories defined on the base view model, category pages will now need to iterate over AllCategories rather than Categories

  • Better error handling (thanks @TheCodeJunkie)
  • Support for Drafts via Published attribute
  • RSS feeds updated to use absolute URLs instead of relative (fixes images not showing)
  • Some minor bug fixes

  • Fixed CustomMarkdownViewEngine to not attempt to process Razor syntax (fixes @ in Markdown)

  • Initial 1.0 Release... Enjoy!

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