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@Sandrem Sandrem released this Aug 10, 2019


Windows - MacOS - Linux - Android

(iOS version will be attached later)

Help is needed

Wave 6 will include two new ship models - "Major Vonreg's TIE" and "Fireball". As I know, there is no free community-created models of these ships. So if anyone can help to create them for "Fly Casual" and "X-Wing Unified 2.0 Mod" ("Tabletop Simulator") - please, contact me. (Otherwise I will use just a model of potato for them).
Also, rework of some old models is needed too. (Did you see current model of Mist Hunter? I think that it is only a bit better than a potato-placeholder).



  • By rune-b: Grievous (crew), Count Dooku (crew), SE version of "My other ride is..." and "Phoenix Squadron" mods.
  • By Andrew Nickell: Padmé Amidala, Dineé Ellberger, Naboo Handmaiden
  • By sandrem: Finn (Resistance Transport Pod), Vi Moradi, Nodin Chavdri, DBS-404, DBS-32C, Korr Sella, Seventh Fleet Gunner, K2-B4, Scimitar, Larma D'Acy, PZ-4CO, DRK-1 Probe Droids, Bombardment Drone, K-2SO, Bossk (Z-95), Baktoid Prototype
  • From "X-Wing Unified 2.0 Mod for Tabletop Simulator": New models for Resistance Transport + Pod
  • Moon playmat by Andrew McCarthy
  • Shadowcaster background by @xwingtmgphotography


  • Juke increases priority of Evade action.
  • AI for Multi-selection UI is added.


By bitsai:

  • Lulo's attack bonus only applies to primaries.
  • Grand Inquisitor crew ability is disabled for AI.
  • Rose Tico's dice mod tooltip is fixed.
  • No activation of Adaptive Ailerons for already destroyed ship.
  • Paige Tico's ability is fixed.
  • Heroic availablity checks are fixed.
  • SE Talonbane ability is not limited to primaries.
  • Do not allow Countess Ryad's ability when ionized.
  • Seventh Sister crew decision is shown to correct player.
  • SE Jam token decisions should belong to assigner instead of target.
  • Dauntless title's interaction with damage card actions is fixed.
  • SE Trajectory Simulator can only be used in Systems phase.
  • Previously selected boost template is correctly reseted after failed boost.
  • Fix of Double Edge + Cluster Missiles interaction.
  • Fix of Quickdraw + SF Gunner interaction.
  • SE Advanced Slam doesn't care about obstacles.
  • Fix of Dash Rendar + Outrider title interaction.
  • Fix of Captain Jostero ability.
  • Rattled and Suppressive Fire conditions are limited.
  • Fix of Torani Kulda's ability.
  • Fix Nantex's ability-after-death.
  • Fix Nantex's ship stats.
  • Check for skipping action due to bumping should happen on movement finish.
  • SE definition of 'Tractored' is Implemented.
  • Reset of current action after SLAM is fixed.
  • Fix of Norra Wexley + C-3PO interaction
  • Fix of Collision Detector + repositioning interaction.
  • Fix of AI squads lists.
  • Correct work of Concordia Faceoff against ships with bullseye primaries.

By rune-b:

  • Loose cargo token needs is correctly initialized to work with seismic bombs.
  • SE Genius should only work with Bomb devices

By sandrem:

  • If dice are rerolled, now they cannot hit another dice to change their side.
  • Mine detonation - if mine is dropped to touch few ships, now you can select what ship triggered it.
  • If a ship cannot drop bombs anymore - it is not highlighted during Systems Phase.
  • Midgame setup is fixed.
  • You cannot rotate turret arc indicator to the same position.
  • "You may rotate turret arc indicator" is not an action
  • FE Upgrade Card art in UI is fixed.
  • FE Veteran Instincts are fixed.
  • FE After Attack Window correctly colled for extra attacks.
  • Missing FE VCX-100 Title and Modification slots are added.
  • FE: If upgrade that adds slots is discarded, then upgrades in that slots are correctly shown in "Select upgrade" UI.
  • FE: Update of complexity of ionization maneuver if Nien Nunb is present.
  • FE: Second activation of Adaptability is fixed.
  • FE: Pattern Analyzer is removed because of too many bugs, will be added after complete rework.
  • View Mode button doesn't work during Cynematic Camera anymore.
  • Hound's Tooth is fixed.
  • Contraband Cybernetics are now correctly rechargable.
  • Emergency deployment after damage from obstacle is fixed.
  • Fix of Sabine Wren is case of bomb-affected ship is destroyed.
  • Cluster missiles saves distance between original defender and other ships in case when defender is destroyed by this attack.
  • R5-P8 is fixed.
  • Boba Fett crew ability is disabled for AI.
  • Correct sorting of upgrades with variable cost.
  • Shot animation of Sith Infiltrator is fixed.
  • FE Snap Shot - don't create trigger for arcs that cannot use this attack.
  • Debris of VT-49 are fixed.
  • Fix of DBS-32C's Jam action color.
  • Fix of Z-position of obstacles.
  • Fix of AI deployment off the board if squad is too big.
  • Setup limits check is fixed (mouse controls only).
  • UI: Image download errors when Internet connection is unstable are fixed.
  • Squadbuilder: correct work with upgrades that have same name, but different slot type.
  • FE: Chopper and Rage interaction is fixed.
  • Fix of decision subphase UI button layout.
  • Own subphase for "Assign Maneuver" UI to block interaction with another ships. "Swarm manager" is temporary disabled.
  • Qi'Ra: correct interaction with ignored obstacle during obstructed shot.
  • Rework of system activation abilities to aboid few bugs.
  • Fix of failed boost-type decloak.
  • Fix of decloak checks on ships with swapped Cloaking Device

Thanks for support

  • Rick Servello
  • Charlie King
  • Vittorio Rosa
  • Spencer Loper
  • Alan Michael
  • Ross Kushnereit
  • John Snape
  • Benny Tsai
  • Bryan Froh
  • Trevor Savage
  • Rebecca Louise Goddammit
  • Jake Asplund
  • Wade Crossman
  • Mitchell Thomann
  • Andrew Brennand
  • Adam Mitkiewicz
  • Andrew Lippens
  • Ben Sturgis
  • Ben Nilsson
  • Andrew Girle
  • Ignatius Bug
  • Christopher Naylor
  • Robin Farnsworth
  • James Kantor
  • Chris Schultz
  • Piers Horgan
  • slimfitcasual
  • Brian Hall
  • Xcaliber C.
  • Steve Waters
  • Radu Lepsa
  • Robert Kukuchka
  • Landon
  • Steffen Lydvo
  • Jim Henrickson
  • Brian Roller
  • Patrick Boyajian
  • Carey
  • Joshua Addington
  • Robert Craig
  • Thomas McFarland
  • Joseph Moore
  • shea steinbacher
  • Remo Reber
  • Dennis Daniels
  • Christian Mumma
  • Patrick Boyle
  • marshall Grover
  • Ryan McCord
  • Troy Ready
  • Sam Gardner
  • Fabian Falconett
  • Stuart
  • Scott Forster
  • David Gausebeck
  • Alan Michael

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