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SBT Console for ScalaIDE

Adds a SBT Console inside the ScalaIDE for Eclipse.

A SBT Console can be launched using the Scala menu and choosing Show/hide SBT Console (default key shortcut: all three modifier keys + s).

The project is still in heavy development, so feel free to submit tickets with bug reports and feature requests.

Useful information can be found on the project wiki.

Installing in Scala IDE:

Nightly update sites:

Scala IDE 2.1 is required; 2.0 is not supported.


Use one of the following profiles, depending on the desired Scala version:

  • scala-ide-master-scala-2.9
  • scala-ide-master-scala-trunk

Run maven like this:

mvn -P <scala-profile> clean install

After a successful build, you can find the local Eclipse update site in the folder org.scala-ide.sdt.sbtconsole.update-site/target/site. Make sure that the Scala IDE and Scala versions match.

If you update your local copy of the SBT Console sources and perform a new build, you can use the standard Eclipse update mechanism to update your locally built plugin.

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