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The inspirational .editorconfig boilerplate
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.editorconfig boilerplate

The inspirational .editorconfig boilerplate


Standardize your projects and team. more information at

Download .editorconfig

# EditorConfig is awesome:

# Top-most EditorConfig file
root = true

# Unix-style newlines with a newline ending every file
end_of_line = lf
insert_final_newline = true

# Set default charset
charset = utf-8

# 4 space indentation (default)
indent_style = space
indent_size = 4

# 2 space indentation (JS and JSX files)
indent_size = 2

# Trim trailing whitespace
trim_trailing_whitespace = true

# Max line length
max_line_length = 120


Want to contribute? All contributions are welcome. Read the contributing guide.


If you have questions tweet me at @sandro_m_m or open an issue.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

**~ sharing is caring ~**

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