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The inspirational skeleton in PHP
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PHP Sceleto

Welcome to PHP Sceleto

PHP Sceleto is a PHP directory structure sample.


The inspirational skeleton in PHP

Current version: 0.4.0

Directory structure

├──┬ public/
│  ├─── css/
│  ├─── js/
│  └─── img/
├──┬ src/
│  ├──┬ app/
│  │  ├─── [SomeCustomClass].php
│  │  ├─── ...
│  │  
│  └──┬ core/
│     ├─── [SomeCommonClass].php
│     ├─── ...
├─── config/
├─── logs/
├─── docs/
├─── vendor/
├─── tests/
├─── .gitignore
├─── .editorconfig
├─── .htaccess
├─── composer.json
├─── composer.lock
├─── phpunit.xml.dist

Getting Started

Step 1 - Install this directory structure


Download the latest release

Step 2 - Install the dependencies

Install the dependencies with Composer.

cd your-php-app   # Your project name
composer install  # Install the dependencies

Composer commands

Run PHPUnit

composer test

Composer commands

Run Test Coverage

composer test-coverage

Files and Folders

Files and folders overview.

File/Folder Description
public/ Web server files (all public files for your application)
public/css/ CSS files
public/js/ JavaScript files
public/img Image files
src/ The source code of the application
src/app/ Custom PHP classes
src/app/SomeCustomClass.php PHP custom class file example
src/core/ Common code in all applications
src/core/SomeCommonClass.php Common class file example
config/ Configuration files
logs/ Log files (e.g. code coverage report)
docs/ Documentation files (e.g. PHPDoc)
vendor/ Composer vendor directory contains your dependencies
tests/ Automated tests
.gitignore Files and directories that Git should ignore
.editorconfig IDE coding style
.htaccess Hypertext access file for Apache configuration
composer.json Composer dependencies
composer.lock Composer lock file
phpunit.xml.dist PHPUnit configuration
LICENSE License document Contributing guidelines This document



Want to contribute? All contributions are welcome. Read the contributing guide.


If you have questions tweet me at @SandroMiguel77 or open an issue.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

**~ sharing is caring ~**

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