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paulirish commented Feb 1, 2012

so amplify has something like this

and for fucks sake someone else must have done this exact thing only better already.

i mean srsly.

treasonx commented Nov 7, 2012

This plugin is pretty nice! But it had some issues, so I forked it and added some features I needed.

My Fork

  • unit tests
  • travis CI
  • md5 hash of cacheKeys (save space)
  • reduce space used for storing TTL
  • support legacy mode for cacheKey option
  • grunt automation

I dont know if you're interested but would you like me to submit a pull request? Its pretty drastic, but I couldnt find a plugin like it.


paulirish commented Nov 7, 2012


yours will without a doubt be better. :)


paulirish commented Nov 7, 2012

@treasonx i'm almost wondering...

should I just kill off my fork? I can delete and fork yours. i'd be happier to point people to your project than here.

treasonx commented Nov 7, 2012

@paulirish your fork has history in the issues and pull requests which I wouldn't want to lose. If you want to kill off your fork maybe transfer the repo and I will maintain it? I'm not sure what happens when you transfer ownership of a repo, but I am assuming that project history goes with it.


paulirish commented Nov 7, 2012

Yup the project history goes along with the transfer. I like it.

Wanna try?

We might have to proxy this transfer through an organization like h5bp in order to have the necessary permissions

treasonx commented Nov 7, 2012

Yea lets give it a shot. I am curious what'll do since i already have a fork of your fork :)

I have all my changes in my local repo so I am not worried about losing changes.


@treasonx I couldn't see how to comment on your fork, but there is no built in md5 function in JS…


rafis commented Apr 4, 2017 edited

I've googled "jquery ajax localStorage" and this was first plugin I have found. So even if there are other plugins they SEO suxx.

Currently I've met missing feature I need, it is inability to work with asynchronous storages like

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