It's free Google Translate API for toy projects. It's slow and not thread safe.
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Free and Slow Google Translate API

As Google changed their authentication API, this project won't work anymore. For now, I don't have any plan to fix the issue. Any contributions would be welcome.

How to use it?

>> Demo <<

Test URL

Query strings

  • from - (Optional) Language code of text to translate. If this parameter is not provided, it will be detected.
  • to - Language code of target language
  • text(or text[] when you request multiple texts) - text to translate. Up to 255 texts
  • callback - (Optional) callback function name for JSONP

What is this for?

I wanted to use Google Translate API for my toy project, but it wasn't free. I didn't wanted to pay for my toy project, so I made this. You may can use this for your side projects or something.

How does it work?

It uses Google Spreadsheet API to translate.



It's very slow because it uses Google Spreadsheet to translate.

Not thread-safe

It's not thread-safe because it uses single spareadsheet to translate. However, it can process 1000 requests concurrently.