Greasemonkey extension for Tribal Wars bullies
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Sangu Package - Warlord TW extension

The Sangu Package is a Greasemonkey script for Firefox, Opera and Chrome that improves Tribal Wars gameplay speed and optimizes gameplay flow by adding extra features on pretty much every page, most notably the village overview pages.

Available in the Chrome Web Store or install with Tampermonkey.


The Sangu Package supports all worlds. All features should work on the latest versions of Opera, FireFox and Chrome.


The code is pure JavaScript with extensive use of jQuery.

Code structure:

  • *config* : server and world config, user settings and translations.
  • *func* : Functions of all kinds. (UI, DateTime, Debug, Persistence, Number and TW Building helpers)
  • *global* : Features active on all pages. (activator, friends, incomingsindicator, map jumper, ...)
  • *greasemonkey* : Code specific for Greasemonkey/UserScript.
  • *overviews* : The features for the Tribal Wars overview pages. Most code is in here
  • *page* : The features for specific Tribal Wars pages. ... and in here.
  • buildPackage.ahk: The Autohotkey script that creates sangupackage.user.js from start.user.js. Use this during development
  • mergeIt.ahk : Other merger script. Used for releasing the package.
  • mergeIt.ini : Configuration for mergeIt.ahk.
  • release.user.js : The release version of the script.
  • start.user.js : The file that is merged by mergeIt.ahk to sangupackage.user.js.
  • version.txt : Current version of Sangu Package.

Building the script from source

An Autohotkey script (buildPackage.ahk) can be used to assemble the different js files into "sangupackage.user.js". To do this: Download and install Autohotkey (make sure you download AutoHotkey_L (v1.1+) and not the basic flavor (v1.0.x)), then double click buildPackage.ahk and it will create the complete Greasemonkey script.

mergeIt.ahk and mergeIt.ini can be configured to not only assemble the script but to also copy it to browser Greasemonkey directories and even activate the browser window and refresh the TW page.

If an error like the one below occurs during assembly:

Then you have installed an older version of AutoHotkey, known as AutoHotkey Basic which is not compatible with buildPackage or mergeIt.ahks.

This (Autohotkey) means the script can currently only be assembled on a Windows machine. (This was perhaps not really thought through:). If a non Windows person wants to join the project, I'm sure we can come up with a solution that works for both environments :)


The Sangu Package is currently looking for a project maintainer

Do note that I will make any (legit) pull requests available on and on the Google Web Store as soon as possible.


You can contact me at