A HTML and Javascript based Panchanga utility with jataka kundali for Jyotishas. Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/srijagannatha-panchanga
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Create a panchanga utililty to run across as many operating systems and devices. The utility should have most of the elements of a traditional panchanga.


Javascript and HTML has been chosen as the best development platform for this utility. Effort is made to keep each file at optimal minimal size(Current limit under 1MB) to enable to run on as many mobile devices.

How to install the package

  • Download SJPV4 folder and open www/SJP.html
  • For Android download and install SJP(1).apk
  • For single file lite version download file SJPL.html

Please fee free to raise your issues in Issues Tab

Updates History

** 1 Jun 2016 ** Updated fixes with Lagna start end time and Bhaava Table.

15 Apr 2016 : Uploaded all files to GitHub. Was originally kept at code.google.com 28/02/2011 New convension for versioning is being introduced. All Version 1.xx will be Single File Java Script version i.e Just one single .html file should be sufficient for sSanjayPrabhakaran (SanjayP) ·imple Panchanga Calculations.

Older than 2016 Update History.

All Version 2.xx will be Multiple File Java Script version. You would need all the Grahas positions files and other HTML files to calculate the Dasa and Amshas (Divisionals).

Testing and Validation

The Sri Jagannatha panchanga executed successfully on Windows Mobile device (HP Voice Messenger, iPAQ). The files were copied to the SD card and the .html files were opened in the internet explorer.

Sri Jagannatha Panchanga Lite (SJPL.html) version was successfully executed on Android 2.0 device with Sky-fire browser (Samsung Galaxy I551). Please note that the default Android browser was not able to run the JavaScript files So, as alternative Sky-fire browser was used. Save the files in a SD card folder and open the file in Sky-fire using files command like file:///mnt/sdcard/panchanga/SJPL.html , After it opens successfully mark the page as bookmark/favorites.