Easily write and run Jasmine tests for all your Meteor code.
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This package is no longer maintained!

See Migrate to Mocha for how to use the Jasmine expect and spyOn APIs with Mocha.

This package is the Meteor integration for the Jasmine 2.4 testing framework. Makes it easy to test your Meteor app and packages with unit and integration tests. For end-to-end tests with Jasmine check out Chimp.


App testing

meteor add sanjo:jasmine

You also need to install a reporter package to see the test results. Currently the following packages are available:

For example:

meteor add velocity:html-reporter

You can find an example app in the repository.

Package testing

Instructions for package testing.

Getting Started

  1. Read and bookmark the official Jasmine documentation to learn about Jasmine.
  2. Read the Meteor Guide testing section to learn how to test Meteor apps.

If you are new to testing, you can consider to do the Udacity JavaScript Testing course that uses Jasmine.

You can find additional articles on Readme.io. Some content might be outdated.

Get Support

Free Support

You can get free help here:

Premium Support

If need a faster response or have some urgent feature requests, we offer a paid premium support service.


The code is licensed under the MIT License (see LICENSE file).

The boot.js scripts are based on code that is part of Jasmine 2.0 (LICENSE).