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Find file Copy path
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namespace Xnapshot.Example.Usage {
public class ExampleScreenshots : Screenshots {
public ExampleScreenshots() : base(
// The iOS version to use
// The folder to which screenshots should be saved, will be emptied before each run.
// The path to a debug-version of the app
// The devices to screenshot, must be at least one.
// The following covers all iPhone sizes at the time of writing.
new[] {
}) {
// Optional, whether the screenshots should be saved to disk. Default: true.
SaveScreenshots = true;
// Optional, whether screenshots should be minified using ImageOptim. Default: false.
OptimizeImagesAfterSave = false;
protected override void SetAppStateForScreenshot1() {
// An empty method will screenshot the app as-is.
// Since this is the first method, it will screenshot the app's first screen.
protected override void SetAppStateForScreenshot2() {
// TODO: Press button in screenshot 2
protected override void SetAppStateForScreenshot3() {
// An empty method which is not SetAppStateForScreenshot1,
// will take the same screenshot as the previous method.
// Screenshots 4 through 10 are not implemented in this example.
// Just override the other numbered methods to take more screenshots.
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