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Changelog (revision history) for node-mysql-libmysqlclient, the full MySQL bindings for Node.js using libmysqlclient.

Version 1.2.9

  • Fix test assert for binary buffers
  • Fix tests with latest MySQL, fixes #103
  • Add more tests, refs #102

Version 1.2.8

  • Fix building with Node.js v0.4.x

Versions 1.2.5-1.2.7

  • Node.js v0.6.0 support, late 0.5.x support
  • Legacy support for 0.4.x
  • Improve Makefile, fix package.json

Version 1.2.4

  • Use Date.parse in C++ code to parse date from string to Date object
  • Make compatible with upcoming Node v0.6.x

Version 1.2.3

  • Make compatible with latest NPM

Version 1.2.2

  • Refactor mysql_libmysqlclient and mysql_bindings from tests to config.js
  • Remove nodeunit and node-gc submodules
  • Add devDependencies to package.json
  • Remove unnecessary -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64","-D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE, fixed in
  • Fix some lint warnings
  • Fix NPM package size, remove leaktest log

Special thanks to Vitaly Puzrin

Version 1.2.1

  • Fix wrong gmt_delta calculation in datetime casting, closes #72
  • Revert "build: add check for ev library before adding it to link line"
  • Revert "link libev for 'ev_default_loop_ptr' symbol"

Version 1.2.0

  • Improvements:
    • Use Buffer(v0.2.x)/FastBuffer(v0.3.x) instead of V8 strings to encode binary data, closes #30
    • Free result object after res.fetchAll() callback, closes #60
    • Link libev for 'ev_default_loop_ptr' symbol
  • Tests improvements:
    • Some refactor of complex tests tables creation
    • Change table type from memory to myisam in tests (for binary fields)

Special thanks to Roman Shtylman Thanks for Krists Krīgers first buffers implementation, 6826022fb8a34f48d0c4e51a6cd1af487293e89d

Version 1.1.1

  • Fixes:
    • Fix mysql_options() recall after mysql_real_connect(), closes #71 part 1
    • Fix logic error in res.fetchAll(), closes #71 past 2
  • Improvements:
    • Add --warn flag to node-waf, enables extra compiler warnings, do some fixes
    • Some more lint, JSLint updated

Special thanks to Krists Krīgers

Version 1.1.0

  • Fixes:
    • Don't ignore connect arguments after any null, closes #63
    • Reset connect_error in MysqlConnection::Close()
    • Fix bug with MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT reset in MySQL < 5.1.6, closes #66
    • Add MYSQLCONN_MUSTBE_INITIALIZED macro and change error reporting
      in ConnectSync() and RealConnectSync() to avoid coding errors like in #67
    • Make error reporting for conn.connect() and conn.query() more verbose, closes #68
    • Add error handling for res.fetchAll(), closes #69
    • Fix lint rule in wscript, fix lint errors
  • Improvements:
    • Pass affectedRows and insertId to conn.query() callback as object properties, closes #58
    • res.fetchAll*() improvements:
      • res.fetchAll*() takes a boolean option, which if true returns array of results, instead of objects
      • Add possibility to use hash with options in res.fetchAll*()
      • Add 'structured' option support for res.fetchall*() methods
      • Pass information about fields as third argument of res.fetchAll() callback, closes #59
      • Add more option constants, update conn.setOptionSync()
      • Add connect flags support and test with select in stored procedure, closes #64
      • Add tests for stored procedures/functions call, see #64
  • Documentation improvements:
    • Add URL shortener example web application
    • Improve
  • Refactoring
    • Extract defines from mysql_bindings_connection.h to mysql_bindings.h
    • Extract 'simple' async tests into separate files
    • Split client-realted stuff from conn.getInfoSync() to conn.getClientInfoSync()
  • Update tools/nodeunit from d4949a4 to 200e5a7

Special thanks to Pavel Ponomarenko and Surendra Singhi
Thanks to Michael Pearson, who pointed out the problem with stored procedures

Version 1.0.3

  • Update nodeunit from cf2f529 to d4949a4
  • Add HTML documentation into repo
  • Add .npmignore file, closes #54

Version 1.0.2

  • Tested with Node version v0.2.3
  • Some changes to make the module build with specific libmysqlclient path, closes #50

Special thanks to Benjmain Reesman

Version 1.0.1

  • Change node-gc to Sannis' fork with some fixes
  • Improve simple.conn.ConnectWithError test, tests cleanup
  • Add to simplify docs update
  • Update wscript in accordance to current
  • Fix error reporting in example

Special thanks to Surendra Singhi and

Version 1.0.0

  • Fixes:
    • Rewrite fetchAll function, move V8 stuff to EIO_After_FetchAll, closes #34
    • Rewrite MysqlResult::SetFieldValue() procedure to GetFieldValue() function
    • Fix Nodules break, closes #46
    • Return Boolean/throw exception fixes, closes #31
    • Allocate less memory in MysqlConnection::EscapeSync()
    • Add useful macroses to simplify MysqlConnection and MysqlResult
    • Fix lint errors
  • Tests improvements:
    • Refactor tests: split them into simple, complex, slow and ignored
    • Change nodeunit to original caolan's repo
    • Add REPL memory leaks finder
  • Documentation improvements:
    • Add index.html generation from README.markdown
    • Format ChangeLog with markdown
    • Add changelog.html generation from CHANGELOG.markdown
    • Add navigation
    • Add zip- and tarball URLs to index.html
    • Remove docs HTML from repo, you can generate them by 'node-waf doc'
  • Semantic versioning introduced
  • Other changes in README and package.json

Special thanks to Ben Noordhuis

Version 0.0.10

  • Add JSDocs into bindings code
  • Add API documentation page
  • Add examples.js and Dox-generated examples.html
  • Change caolan/nodeunit to Sannis/nodeunit
  • Update tests to use test.throws()
  • Other cleanup in tests and files

Version 0.0.9

  • Rename MysqlConn to MysqlConnection
  • Change some methods to read-only properties:
    • MysqlConnection::ConnectErrnoSync()
    • MysqlConnection::ConnectErrorSync()
    • MysqlResult::FieldCountSync()
  • Make it possible to interleave sync and async queries on same connection
  • Improve package.json, add 'Dependencies' section into README
  • Rework nested C++ classes into separate
  • Fix lint errors (all, except sscanf)
  • Implemented methods:
    • MysqlConnection::InitSync()
    • MysqlConnection::RealConnectSync()
    • MysqlConnection::SetOptionSync()

Special thanks to Akzhan Abdulin and Surendra Singhi

Version 0.0.8

  • Make asynchronous connect and fetchAll
  • Tested with Node version v0.2.0
  • Small improves in tests, README
  • Move all TODO to GitHub issues tracker
  • Implemented methods:
    • MysqlConn::Connect() and libeio wrapper
    • MysqlResult::FetchAll() and libeio wrapper

Special thanks to Surendra Singhi

Version 0.0.7

  • Make asynchronous querying work
  • Simplify javascript logic of createConnection()
  • Allow reconnecting after failed connect
  • Do correct conversion of NULL fields in MysqlResult::AddFieldProperties()
  • Add test for asynchronous queries
  • Rewrite tests config
  • Improve build wscript
  • Implemented methods:
    • MysqlConn::QueryAsync() and libeio wrapper

Special thanks to Surendra Singhi

Version 0.0.6

  • Update package.json and make small fixes in docs and README
  • Rename MysqlResult::FetchResult method to FetchAll
  • Implemented methods:
    • MysqlResult::DataSeek()
    • MysqlResult::NumRows()
    • MysqlResult::FetchArray()
    • MysqlResult::FetchFields()
    • MysqlResult::FetchField()
    • MysqlResult::FetchFieldDirect()
    • MysqlResult::FetchLengths()
    • MysqlResult::FetchObject()
    • MysqlResult::FieldCount()
    • MysqlResult::FieldSeek()
    • MysqlResult::FieldTell()
    • MysqlResult::Free()
  • MysqlResult class finished

Version 0.0.5

  • Remove 'Sync' from classes names, rename main module file to mysql-libmysqlclient.js
  • Add example MysqlConn::queryAsync() and MysqlConn::async() methods
  • Add a script to verify the existence of unittests for each function
  • Reorganize tests files for new think and add some tests
  • Add speedtest

Version 0.0.4

  • Split source code into separate files for database connection, query result and prepared statements
  • Add nodeunit as the test framework for project
  • Implemented methods:
    • MysqlSyncConn::autoCommit()
    • MysqlSyncConn::commit()
    • MysqlSyncConn::debug()
    • MysqlSyncConn::dumpDebugInfo()
    • MysqlSyncConn::fieldCount()
    • MysqlSyncConn::getInfoString()
    • MysqlSyncConn::getWarnings()
    • MysqlSyncConn::initStmt()
    • MysqlSyncConn::multiMoreResults()
    • MysqlSyncConn::multiNextResult()
    • MysqlSyncConn::multiRealQuery()
    • MysqlSyncConn::realQuery()
    • MysqlSyncConn::rollback()
    • MysqlSyncConn::stat()
    • MysqlSyncConn::storeResult()
    • MysqlSyncConn::threadId()
    • MysqlSyncConn::threadKill()
    • MysqlSyncConn::threadSafe()
    • MysqlSyncConn::useResult()
    • MysqlSyncStmt::prepare()
  • Decrease number of cpplint warnings (dirty hack? maybe)

Version 0.0.3

  • Add 'lint' target for node-waf
  • Add docs dir, docs/, docs/ and docs/
  • Add tests/debug.js for inspecting bindings 'classes' from javascript
  • Implement all methods in 'connection' category:
    • MysqlSyncConn::ChangeUser()
    • MysqlSyncConn::ConnectErrno()
    • MysqlSyncConn::ConnectError()
    • MysqlSyncConn::GetCharset()
    • MysqlSyncConn::GetCharsetName()
    • MysqlSyncConn::Ping()
    • MysqlSyncConn::SelectDb()
    • MysqlSyncConn::SetCharset()
    • MysqlSyncConn::SetSsl()
  • Improve MysqlSyncConn::Connect() functionality, see d2d9ae2

Version 0.0.2

  • Split MysqlDbSync into MysqlSyncConn and MysqlSyncRes
  • Add unit tests suite
  • Query() API is more clear to PHP MySQLi

Version 0.0.1

  • Basic functionality: connect/close/query/fenchAll/getInfo/error/etc.
  • Implemented methods:
    • MysqlDbSync::AffectedRows()
    • MysqlDbSync::Connect()
    • MysqlDbSync::Close()
    • MysqlDbSync::Errno()
    • MysqlDbSync::Error()
    • MysqlDbSync::Escape()
    • MysqlDbSync::FetchResult()
    • MysqlDbSync::GetInfo()
    • MysqlDbSync::LastInsertId()
    • MysqlDbSync::Query()
    • MysqlDbSync::WarningCount()
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