Implement asynchronous result.fetchAll() method #21

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UPD: Original issue title is "Implement asynchronous result.fetch*() methods"


I think this is already done. In the code for the async query, the query execution, and fetching of results is done asynchronously. What mysql_fetch_row() and the library fetchRow does is just iterating over the result, and returning them from the local buffer. These are not blocking calls, they are just in process access or copying of
results. If you want them to be deferred it can be done by just wrapping them using nextTick in Javascript.


Yes, I understand this. My issue is basically about unification API with the rest of the MySQL bindings, where in query("SELECT ...") callback we get all results. If we want to use fetchRow, dataSeek and similar, they must be sync, but for fetchAll I plan write async version, this may be useful for large datasets.


result.fetchAll() method (MysqlConn::MysqlResult::FetchAll). Closed by 7d23b352459bf68e4dfdfb2b1bd6fe8013f54ef7

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