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SOURCES = $(shell find ./lib -name '*.js')
TESTS = $(shell find ./test -name '*.js')
CURR_HEAD_SHA := $(firstword $(shell git show-ref --hash HEAD | cut -b -6) master)
GITHUB_PROJECT_NAME := Sannis/node-ubjson
API_SRC_URL_FMT := ${API_GITHUB_URL}/blob/${CURR_HEAD_SHA}/{file}\#L{line}
API_DEST_DIR := ./doc/api
all: npm-install
npm-install: npm-install-stamp
npm-install-stamp: ./package.json
npm install
touch npm-install-stamp
test: npm-install
@./node_modules/.bin/nodeunit ./test/test-*.js
lint: npm-install
@./node_modules/.bin/nodelint --config ./nodelint.cfg $(SOURCES) $(TESTS)
doc-api: npm-install ./lib/*
rm -rf ${API_DEST_DIR}
./node_modules/.bin/ndoc -o ${API_DEST_DIR} --gh-ribbon=${API_GITHUB_URL} --link-format=${API_SRC_URL_FMT} ./lib
doc: doc-api
pages: doc
@echo "Update gh-pages branch:"
.PHONY: all npm-install test lint doc pages
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