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Modół smogowy dla MagicMirror²
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Marcin Bielecki
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MagicMirror Project on Github | Airly


To use this module, go to the modules subfolder of your mirror and clone this repository. Go into MMM-SmokedMirror folder Run npm install


To run the module, you need to add the following data to your config.js file.

  module: 'MMM-SmokedMirror',
  position: 'top_center', // you may choose any location
  config: {
    lat: 50.062006, // latitude as decimal degree
    lng: 19.940984 // longitude as decimal degree

You may want to set the following options in the config section as well:

Option Description
AirlyIndex Name of Air quality index

Possible values: AIRLY_CAQI, CAQI and PIJP
animationSpeed Speed of the update animation. (Milliseconds)

Possible values: 0 to 5000
Default value: 1000 (1 second)
colors Makes pollution colorful

Possible values: true or false
Default value: false
fontSize Sets the base font-size to a percent of the default value

Default value: 100
lang Change the language

Possible values: en or pl
showValues Show level of pollution

Possible values: true or false
Default value: false
updateInterval How often does the content needs to be fetched? (Minutes)

Possible values: 1 to 144
Default value: 30 (30 minutes)


  • give ability to pick station by it's id
  • show address and id of nearest station
  • give ability to pick columns to show (additional level and value columns)
  • give ability to show pollution instead of air quality index

Known Issues

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