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What is loadeR.ECOMS?

The European Climate Observations, Modelling and Services initiative ECOMS coordinates the activities of three ongoing European projects: EUPORIAS, SPECS and NACLIM. Different sector-specific impact activities to be undertaken in these projects require a reduced number of variables (typically at surface, but also at pressure levels for downscaling purposes) from different data sources with different terms of use.

As part of the data management activities in these projects, the Santander Meteorology Group (UC-CSIC) has established the ECOMS User Data Gateway (ECOMS-UDG) to provide a centralized access point to collections of impact-relevant variables, gathered from existing state-of-the-art datasets. The ECOMS-UDG is composed of a catalogue of datasets and services provided by a THREDDS data server and a suite of tools for user-friendly data exploration, access and post-processing. For more information visit the ECOMS-UDG wiki!.

loadeR.ECOMS extends the capabilities of the climate4R bundle for climate data access and postprocessing (in particular, the loadeR package), for the particular needs of the ECOMS community, enabling homogenized access to different seasonal forecasts and other climate databases used and/or generated by the ECOMS consortium. More details on loadeR.ECOMS (including installation instructions) are provided in the corresponding ECOMS-UDG wiki section.


R Interface for ECOMS-UDG (seasonal forecast datasets) extending climate4R







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