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BaseNEncodings.Net is an RFC 4648 compliant base16, base32, and base64 encoding library for .NET Standard 1.1
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RFC 4648.txt


BaseNEncodings.Net is an RFC 4648 compliant base16, base32, and base64 encoding library for .NET Standard 1.1.

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This repository was forked from and retargeted to .NET Standard 1.1. The original readme is preserved below, with modifications where appropriate.

The project java-base-n-encodings was migrated from BaseNEncodings.Net.


  • Represents a general Base-N data encoding as an abstract class.
  • Implements standard encodings of RFC 4648.
    • Base 64 Encoding
    • Base 64 Encoding with URL and Filename Safe Alphabet
    • Base 32 Encoding
    • Base 32 Encoding with Extended Hex Alphabet
    • Base 16 Encoding
  • Supports custom alphabet and padding for your Base-N Encoding.
  • Does not contain unsafe code.
  • Includes the simple and informal benchmark subprojects.


Basic Usage

  1. Adds a reference of the assembly in you project.

     PM> Install-Package SapientGuardian.BaseNEncodings
  2. Using the WallF.BaseNEncodings namespace.

     using WallF.BaseNEncodings;
  3. Gets instance of encodings.

     // standard encoding(RFC 4648)
     BaseEncoding encoding = BaseEncoding.Base64;
     // custom encoding
     char[] alphabet =  {...};
     char padding = '.';
     BaseEncoding encoding = new Base64Encoding(alphabet, padding, "custom encoding");
  4. Converts by the methods To/FromBaseString, Encode, Decode.

     BaseEncoding encoding = ...;
     byte[] bin = new byte[1024];
     string baseString = encoding.ToBaseString(bin);
     byte[] data = encoding.FromBaseString(baseString);
     // bin and data contains the same elements

Documentation, Simple and Benchmark

  • Documentation comments as the generated XML file(WallF.BaseNEncodings.xml) is included in the package.
  • Repository includes the simple and benchmark subprojects.
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