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Releases: Sappharad/rvm_soniccd

0.7.5 WIP build

24 Sep 18:50
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0.7.5 WIP build Pre-release

Provided are Windows 64-bit and Mac (Intel+ARM) builds of RVM.

  • Windows: Either copy the EXE and DLL files into your folder with Sonic CD 2011 data, or copy Data.rsdk into the folder with RVM. The EXE needs to be in the same folder as the Data file.
  • macOS: At first time start up, you will be prompted for the location of Data.rsdk. The folder that contains this file will be remembered and you won't be asked again unless Data.rsdk goes missing.

Please see the README at the root of the repository for details about the limitations of this. It is not finished and provided for those who want it anyway.