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 version 4.1.0-fp11(flash player 11)

The FLARToolKit is ActionScript 3.0 version ARToolkit class library.
Copyright (C)2010-2012 Saqoosha, R.Iizuka(nyatla)

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <>.

For further information please contact.
 <wm(at)> or <saq(at)>

This work is based on the NyARToolKit developed by
  R.Iizuka (nyatla)

 eric socolofsky
 taro -
 rokubou -

 About FLARToolKit
 * ARToolKit の AS3 版です。
 * Flash player 11.1 or later
 * A虎@(nyatla)氏の NyARToolkit for AS3 を基盤にFLARToolKit v1.xの
 * FLARToolKit は入力画像からマーカーを認識して、 3次元空間での
 * 3D グラフィックスとの合成などは各自で実装する必要があります。
 * ただし簡単に合成できるようにヘルパー的なものはついてます。
   (Papervision3D, away3d v4.0.x)

 # AS3 ported version of ARToolKit.
 # Flash player 11.1 or later
 # This is a library collection that succeeded the interface of
   FLARToolKit v1.x based on NyARToolkit for AS3(NOT Alchemy version).
 # FLARToolKit recognize the marker from input image.
   and calculate its orientation and position in 3D world.
 # You should draw 3D graphics by your own.
 # But helper classes for major flash 3D engines
   (Papervision3D, away3d v4.0.x)

 FLARToolKit License

[GPL License]
また、GPL(the GNU General Public License v3)を選択した場合、

[Commercial License]
Commercial Licenseが有償でARToolworks Inc.より提供されています。
ARToolworks Inc.より許諾を受けることにより、GPLの制約から
条件やライセンス費用については、ARToolworks Inc.に問合せてください。

ARToolworks Inc.
mailto : sales(at)

FLARToolKit is available for download and use under two licenses:

GPL License: FLARToolKit can be used for free under GPL v3
(the GNU General Public License, v3). Source code of applications using
FLARToolKit under the GPL must be provided free of charge on request.

Commercial License: Source code of FLARToolKit applications can be
protected with a commercial license, offered exclusively by ARToolworks.
Applications using the commercial license do not have to provide
source code, but must pay a licensing fee.
Contact ARToolworks at sales(at) for more information.

ARToolworks Inc.

Moreover, FLARToolKit is distributed including some relating libraries. 
Each license adjusts to the included library. 

 Include External library
[papervision3d 2.1.920]
 URL     :
 License : MIT License

[Away3D 4.0.7]
 URL     :
 License : Apache License, Version 2.0

 URL     :
 License : Mozilla Public License Version 2.0

 Development environment
 * Adobe FLASH Professional CS6(Version
 * Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 Standard
 * Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Standard + Flex SDK 4.6.0
 * FlashDevelop 4.0.1 + Flex SDK 4.6.0
 Special thanks
加藤博一先生 (Hirokazu Kato, Ph. D.)

Prof. Mark Billinghurst

 Change Log
 * Updated base library to NyARToolkitAS 4.1.1.
 * Add Alternativa3D library and sample application.

 * Away3D update to v4.0.7 Gold from v4.0.0 beta.

4.0.0-fp11 alpha 2
 * FLARToolKit core v4.0.3
 * Add Away3D v4.0.0beta library and sample application.
 * Delete Away3d v3.4.0 libraries and samples.
 * Flash Player 10 version move to a branch
 * Change to FLASH CS6 from FLASH CS4
4.0.0-fp10 alpha 1
 svn trunk of FLToolKit supports a higher version FlashPlayer 11.
 FLToolKit to support FP10 is managed by the branch.
 * Away3D v3.4 is not officially supported. Library is always experimental.
   (Away3D v4.x support in FLARToolKit v4.0.0-fp11)
 * Add ARAppBase sample.
 * Add FlashDevelop project file
 * Update FlashBuilder project and Flash project.
4.0.0 alpha 1
 * Updated base library to NyARToolkit4.
 * NyARToolkitAS3 is merged the to FLARToolKit. package jp.nyatla.nyartoolkit.as3 is deleted.
 * Add old FLARToolKit patches. 
 * Delete unused classes.
 * All samples are updated by the sketch and Marker-system.
 * old samples are deleted.

 * Modify analytical size restriction function
 * Bugfix Papervision3D QuadrantRenderEngine memory leak
2.5.4 (2010-Jul-10)
 * Add NyID Marker Detector
   + Single Id Marker Detector
   + Multiple Id Marker Detector
 * Add analytical size restriction function
 * Add,Modify Samples
   + Single/Multiple IDMarker sample
   + Single/Multiple Marker PV3D sample
   + Single Marker Away3D Lite sample

2.5.3 (2010-May-15)
 * Modify FLARMultiMarkerDetector
   + Corresponds to markerPercentWidth, markerPercentHeight
 * Modify FLARSingleMarkerDetector
   + Delete debug trace()
 * Update : NyARToolKit AS3(v2.5.2 alpha to v2.5.2)
 * Add Wide display(16:9) sample

2.5.2 (2010-Apr-25)
 * Fixed bug(NyARToolKit)
   + NyARPerspectiveParamGenerator
     (markers with a rotation of exactly 0, 90, 180, and 270 are detected,
      but at a very low confidence)
   + NyARDoubleMatrix22::inverse

2.5.2 alpha (2010-Apr-14)
 * Modify FLARCode
   + add constructor params
   + add function markerPercentWidth, markerPercentHeight
 * Modify FLARParam
   + add initial parameter value
 * Add Camera parameter file(16x9)
 * Corrected that publish can be done with FLASH CS4.
 * An initial value of default camera value that Mackc wrote in FLARParam is added.
 * The regulating function of the threshold of the raster image is added to PV3DARApp.
 * Construct of FLARRgbRaster_BitmapData is corrected.
 * Added method to FLARMultiMarkerDetector,FLARSingleMarkerDetector
   + getDirection(i_index:int):int, getSquare(i_index:int):NyARSquare
 * Add Away3D, Away3D Lite library.
 * Add support.away3d_lite.FLARBaseNode.(experiment)
 * Corrected sample
 * Add NyIDMarker sample
 * Add Single Marker Manager sample
 * Add Single Marker PV3D sample
 * Add Single Marker Away3D sample
 * Add Single Marker Away3D Lite sample(experiment)

2.5.1 (2010-Feb-20)
 * Bug fix: spell miss, interface, extends error and more.
 * Merge NyARToolKit for AS3
 * Flash player 10 or above.

1.0.0 (2010-Jan-20)
 * implemented support for debugging display of thresholded and
   labeled BitmapData objects, via accessors in FLARMultiMarkerDetector
   and FLARSquareDetector.(Eric Socolofsky)
 * implemented option to skip internal thresholding process,
   to allow use of custom thresholding algorithms(Eric Socolofsky)
 * added variable marker border width to FLARMultiMarkerDetector,
   to match FLARSingleMarkerDetector.(Eric Socolofsky)
 * FLARParam : default camera values(makc)
 * Move 3d framework support classes into package.(saqoosha)
 * adding makc's sandy3D support.(Eric Socolofsky,makc)
 * adding makc's alternativa3D support.(Eric Socolofsky,makc)
 * corrected import statements in repackaged support (3d framework)
   classes.(Eric Socolofsky)
 * added away3d 3.3.3 support to support.away3d package.(Eric Socolofsky)
 * added away3dlite support(Eric Socolofsky)

0.9.1 (2010-Jan-17)
Re-packaging by rokubou. 

0.9.0 (2009-Jun-03)
packaging by saqoosha
 * Added stater sample(starter-kit)