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Let's Save the Internet!

This is a standardized page for the internet blackout planned for 1/18/2012. Feel free to contribute to the design, or fork to do something cool. This README will contain a list of sites planned to be taken down for the duration of the day of 1/18/2012. Please add yours, or ping me at and I will add it to the list.

If you have access to the HTML in your homepage, between the two HEAD tags, you can drop in this bit of code. This will send your visitors to a protest page here: I blogged about this here.

var today = new Date();
if((today.getDate() == 18) && (today.getMonth() == 0) && (today.getFullYear() == 2012))
      window.location = "";

If you are not a developer, or you don't know how to work the GitHubs, or have access to your HTML, and you would like to participate reach out to, and myself or a lovely assistant will walk you through the process beforehand, and help you revert your site back the way it was afterwards. Design by Tony Bacigalupo.

Sites Pledged to be Blacked Out 1/18/2012 in Protest of SOPA/PIPA

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