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The code for "Share Wins" - a place to share your wins with the internet and see other people's awesome wins.
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Share Wins

About This Project

Most important question: what is this project?

Share Wins is a website that's all about sharing our wins with random internet strangers. When you visit the live site at, you will see a win that someone has submitted to the site, and you get the joy of celebrating that win!

If you have a win that you want the community to celebrate, you can log in and input that win, and it will join the collection of wins that can be displayed on the site. Someday soon a user may see your win and celebrate with you!

Currently all users can view wins, but only logged in users (authentication via twitter) can add wins.

To-Do Items

  • Tests. Seriously, let's get some more tests in here. Tests should go in the src/__tests__/ folder
  • Additional Styling. This could be much prettier. Right now I'm using Material UI because I wanted styles fast, but if someone wants to scrap that and build the styles from scratch ... I'm cool with that.
Possible Additional Features
  • Additional Authentication Methods? Currently users can log in via Twitter, but nothing else. This is because I was getting scared of firebase rules and whatnot? My initial idea was to have wins associated with users somehow, so that you can congratulate someone on their win, but then it seemed like too much work. Would be cool with someone introducing that if they want to do the work, but it would have to be early before we start putting all the anonymous wins out there (or we could do option of anonymous or submitted by user...)
  • Database Integration Improvements? The app is currently hooked up to a Firebase Realtime Database. I think I'm handling everything okay, but I haven't used a firebase database in a while and I might not be using best practices integrating it into the app. So if anyone sees something with the database that could be done better, please feel free to put in a PR!
  • Likes? Do we want to give people the ability to "like" wins? Not sure the point of this would be, because it's not like you'll see who liked your win (unless we limit that to authenticated users), but I dunno...
  • Anything else you want to add

About Contributing

Getting Set Up:

Things You Need To Have Installed To Run This Repo: Node, package manager (npm or yarn - I use yarn). If you use Mac OS and have homebrew installed, Node and yarn can both be installed using homebrew - brew install node and brew install yarn (which actually also installs Node). Whatever method you use, npm comes installed with node. For other operating systems, you can follow instructions at the links above.

Once you have node installed, getting the app up and running to work on the repo is super simple. Steps:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Clone the repository to your local machine
  3. Install dependencies using yarn or npm install (I used yarn, so there's a yarn.lock but no package-lock.json ... so if you prefer npm, be aware of that)
  4. Run npm start (or yarn start) to start the app!

Everything is currently written in JavaScript and React, and I'd like to keep it that way. If you want to contribute but those aren't really your jam, let me know and I'll see if we can find a way to get your contributions in without you having to learn a new language/framework or me having to convert work from another language to javascript.

What/How To Contribute

The first thing to do is decide what you want to work on. See above for suggestions/things that need to be done for MVP, but you can also throw in something that's not listed there. Once you've decided what to work on, raise an issue (if one hasn't already been raised) and mention there that you're working on it (so that I know that I don't have to). Make sure to include test coverage, and if you're working on an issue that's listed in the README, include an edit to the README to take that off the "To-Do" list.

Once your work is done, it's time to get it into the repo. Put in a pull request (to master), and when I get a chance, I'll pull down your work, run it (and the tests) to make sure it does what it's supposed to, and hopefully merge it! If I see something that doesn't work or I want changed, I'll leave you a comment - be sure to ask questions if you disagree with my comment or it doesn't make sense!

List of Contributors

Sarah Katz Github Twitter

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