Integrate Browzine's Article DOI Lookup and Journal Availability endpoints into Primo interface.
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Integrate Browzine's Article DOI Lookup and Journal Availability endpoints into Primo interface. The integrations described here are live on the St. Olaf and Carleton Primo sites. For a detailed description of all the interactions this API can provide and implementation suggestions, please visit the BrowZine Technical Documentation Site and take a look at the Detailed Interaction Overview in the Primo Interation section. (direct link)

Article in Context links in Primo results


  • Browzine subscription and API Key + Customer Number.
  • Access to Customization Manager files for the new Primo UI.
  • Local server to host Node.js scripts (Optional: Third Iron can optionally run this for you!)

This project uses Node.js on a non-Primo server to query BrowZine's APIs and return the data to Primo for display in results that contain journals (with an ISSN) or journal articles (with a DOI).

To implement:

  1. Set up the Node.js scripts on a local server. Third Iron can provide assistance with this step. I tested using Amazon's Lambda service and an API gateway. For production, St. Olaf is using a local server and ColdFusion component. I've included that code if you happen to be a CF shop.
    1. browzineAPIKey and browzineLibraryID refer to your Browzine API key and customer number. They should be updated to reflect your institution's keys. Contact Third Iron support at to obtain credentials.
  2. Add the browzine.js code to the custom.js file in your Customization Package. You will need to update the "nodeserver" constant with the URI for the server running the Node scripts.
  3. Add the browzine.css lines to custom1.css file in your Customization Package.
  4. Deploy the Customization Package on your Primo server.