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GitHub repository recommendation engine using low-rank matrix approximation
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Repo Recommender

Coverage Status

See Product Requirements Document on Google Docs.

The Repository Recommender system uses a Github-authenticated user's stars as machine learning features to recommend other repositories to follow, using low-rank matrix approximation.

Repo Recommender Demo Screencast

Built With

Key algorithms/methods

File structure

├──             # Helper functions interfacing with api
├──                # Configuration variables
├──              # Helper functions interfacing with the database
├── experiments.ipynb        # Jupyter NB including SVD tests
├──                 # Flask-SQLAlchemy classes for the data model
├── requirements.txt         # Defines requirements
├──                   # Recommender system functions
├──                # Flask routes
├──         # Tests for
├──            # Tests for
├──              # Tests for
├──           # Tests for and front-end
├──            # Tests for
├──               # Decorator for logging
├──      # Script by Katie Byers to introspect DB & set autoincrementing primary keys
├──                 # Helper methods for
├── static
│   ├── graph.js             # d3 for graph on homepage
│   ├── recs.jsx             # AJAX requests and functions to render React components
│   ├── repo.jsx             # React components for displaying repositories
│   └── style.css            # CSS
└── templates
    ├── base.html            # Template (includes navbar, header, & footer)
    ├── home.html            # Homepage
    ├── repo_recs.html       # Repo recommendations rendered with React components
    └── user_info.html       # Details about a user and their repositories


  • Plan features for 2.0:
    • Add AJAX to follow users
    • Write route to show stars of a user
    • Add like/dislike feature to "Like" a repo without starring
      • I.e., "see more like this" / "see less like this"
    • Write API requests instead of using PyGithub?
    • Build queue table and handlers instead of crawling recursively
    • Expand async calls to dynamically increase crawl breadth on login

Resources used:.



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