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Emacs "popup frame" management.
Emacs Lisp
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Popup frame management

This file aimed to provide some utility functions for the management of popup frames. A popup frame is a 'X Window' with no decoration (no titlebar, not in the taskbar) that can be considered as a subwindow for Emacs. It can be useful for example to create a temporary completion UI.

Currently it works only in a the X window-system. Contributions are welcome mainly for the 'ns and 'w32 window systems.

Usage example

  (let ((the-frame (popup-frame-create)))
    (popup-frame-show the-frame)
    (set-frame-position the-frame 200 200)
    (set-frame-size the-frame 80 24)
    (popup-frame-hide the-frame)
    (popup-frame-destroy the-frame))
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