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µµJ - Micro My Java

This is an introductory workshop on developing microservices with Micronaut.

The workshop requires at the very least that you have a Java Development Kit 8 or higher, or that you can run Docker to build the application in a container.

For working with Micronaut, it is recommended that you install the Micronaut CLI. Because the project is already set up using the tool for this workshop, you can get by without it, but you probably want to install it for future use. See Download Micronaut for installation instructions.


The mn-todo application is licensed under CC0, i.e. you can do with it whatever you wish. This means there's no requirement that you share code based derived from the application, nor do you need to attribute me for any of the code.

The presentation files are licensed under CC-BY-SA. That means, if you want to use the slides to run your own workshop, you are required to use the same license for your presentation if you choose to publish it, and you are required to give me credit for the original presentation.

For more details, read the Presentation License File and the Application License File.

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