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A HKGolden proxy server written in node.js

Why a proxy?

  • Avoiding HKGolden's rate limit for each IP
  • HKGolden has rate limit for each request IP
  • Some mobile carriers (SmarTone) does not have enough IPs for its users
  • Thus, some mobile carrier users may not be able to 上高登

Why HKGPX instead of other proxies (HTTP/SOCKS/VPN...)?

  • You can make your server a safe public server. Your friends/other forum members can use yours
  • Authenicate each proxy user with their HKGolden account
  • Minimum interval of requesting to HKGolden's server to avoid triggering it's rate limit
  • Topic list caching
  • Topic caching && topic long-term caching

Why build a HKGPX server instead of using datHKG's public servers?

  • We log your IP, cookies and any other request info for security purposes (in case of legal issues).
  • The public servers will get slower if users amount increases.

Quick start?

  1. Install git, nodejs, npm in your system.
  • node.js/npm install for ubuntu 14
  1. # add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
  2. # apt-get update
  3. # apt-get install nodejs
  4. # apt-get install npm
  5. $ git clone
  6. $ cd hkgpx
  7. $ npm install
  8. $ nodejs server.js OR $ node server.js


See server.js.

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