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finally updated the filter edition and description system to the new fields
cleaned-up included layouts and added a few contributed ones
lyrics plugin updates, including option to load/save lyrics in the tag
update artistinfo plugin, which now features a similar-artist queue mode)
add albuminfo plugin
use Gtk2::StatusIcon instead of Gtk2::TrayIcon for the trayicon
add option to specify mplayer executable (for mplayer2)
cover finder plugin updates
make length check for mp3 configurable, and changes to song check progress code
saving tags and options when not quiting is now done in a fork
add pre-amp to gstreamer's equalizer
add -backtrace command line option to show the backtrace of every warning
Capitalize each word tool : now capitalize after every non-letter rather than any space
create categories for fields and improve song info dialog
add style and theme as optional fields
add ReloadLayouts command and button
simple search syntax improvements
add QueueInsertSelected command to insert selected songs at the top of the queue
FilterPanes: add hscrollbar option to deactivate horizontal scrollbar
mpris2 plugin : add option to remove gmusicbrowser from the ubuntu sound menu
export plugin: gmusicbrowser no longer freeze while running custom commands and not using $files
m4a files : small fix for alac-encoded files so that they get audio info
simple_http : http header clean-ups and support for gzip-encoded content
translations updates : russian korean german portuguese
new transation : italian
(many thanks to the translators)
loads of small bug fixes and small new features (see git log for more details)
some highlights :
- add mpris2 plugin, makes gmb work with the SoundMenu in ubuntu natty
- update artistinfo plugin
- add "Update tags" button in Misc. tab (to force writing of values in gmb to the tags, particulary useful after enabling writing of a field in tags)
- invert left and right-click behavior of Sort, Queue and Filter widgets (it is possible to configure a layout to have the old behavior)
- add some default keyboard shortcuts : F11 for making the window fullscreen, ctr-q to save-and-quit, alt-q to enqueue songs (was previously ctrl-q)
- add re-shuffle entry in sort menu when in shuffle mode
- FilterPane : add option to sort by artist for albums
- FilterPane mosaic : crtl-wheel increase/decrease picture size
- rename album_artist field and allow sorting by it
- add support for changing trayicon when playing or paused (with trayicon-play and trayicon-pause icons)
- should correctly add songs on a network drive that were wrongly considered as not readable
- increase the timeout when downloading a url
- keep cover when renaming albums
- increase limit for track value from 255 to 65535
- fix some drawing artifacts with some widgets
- small changes to google image search parameters and add a google image hi-res source
new layout options :
- split layouts file into songtree.layout and main.layout default layouts are now read from layouts/*.layout
- add BM container 'Button Menu', a button that pops-up a layout-defined menu
- add option to change the icons of Buttons/Indicators that have different states such as Locks
- add orientation=vertical option to EditListButtons
- add tabpos option for FilterPane
- add new icons mainly for use in layouts
- add support for alpha-transparency in skins
translations :
update portuguese, czech and german
add korean and russian
(many thanks to the translators)
loads of small bug fixes (see git log for more details)
small change to gmbrc file (don't go back to a previous version or you will lose your artist/album pictures)
rename a number of widgets, the old name will still work (see commit d92592a2a0)
fix trayicon not transparent (commit 9d4f5c1b20) (depends on the panel used, breaks transparency on some, seems it will eventually works for all panels)
LabelTime widget improvement (see commit b046a76c1b)
more "activate" options for SongTree, SongList and FilterPanes (and fixes)
some lyrics fixes and add font and justification option
add optional SuggestionMenu to SimpleSearch
change the click behavior of TimeSlider and VolumeSlider, use option step_mode=1 to keep the old behavior
add "Recent songs include skipped songs that haven't been played" option
make all backends behave the same when seeking while paused
mass-tagging dialog : change widget for genres and labels
change the way songs are counted as played/skipped and add options
change handling of http connections (use wget or AnyEvent::HTTP if found)
add support for custom filename formats in mass-tagging dialog
fixes for reading of ape files info
ape tags are now case-insensitive
support reading of embedded pictures in ogg files
support edition of embedded pictures in ogg and flac files
add "Start in tray" option
FilterPane mosaic mode: add options to display info next to picture or below it
add text format options for album/artist FilterLists
add Show and Hide commands, make Show the default command when an instance is already running
improve artist splitting options, and make changing the option immediate
add option to find guest artist in song titles such as : "songname (feat. artistname)"
make rating stars part of the icon theme, the number of stars now depends on the number of stars files found
fix HP/VP resizing issues
add "auto-select pictures" for albums (see commit 7a7f78eca4)
add optional fields, custom fields and field options (see commit 36eac19fb6)
update french, swedish and spanish translations
add portuguese and czech translations
(many thanks to the translators)
add MPRIS v1 plugin
add artistinfo plugin (by ochosi)
add elementary icon theme (by ochosi)
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