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@butlerpd butlerpd released this Feb 10, 2019 · 27 commits to master since this release

(Mac Users: please ensure you have the Xcode command line tools installed before installing SasView; get it from the App Store)

(Windows users: Windows installer is now signed so should not give warnings about installing from an unknown source)

New in Version 4.2.1

The major changes for this point release were to fix several problems with using
the built in editor to create new models and to bring the NXcanSAS reader into
compliance with the final published specification. The orignal reader was
based on a draft version of the specification. As an early adopter,
interpretation and implementation of the spec was iterated with all producers
of NXcanSAS reduced data known to the SasView team in order to ensure
compatibility and verify the implementation. A few other enhancements and bug
fixed were also introduced such as cleaning up the resolution section of the
fitting page GUI, increasing the max size range allowed in the corfunc
analysis, and adding the incomplete gamma function to the C library.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixes # 976: CanSas HDF reader will not read all valid CanSas HDF (NXcanSAS) files
  • Fixes # 1074: Add incomplete gamma function to sasmodels
  • Fixes # 1111: Convert all input Q units to 1/A
  • Fixes # 1129: NXcanSAS writer not writing all meta data
  • Fixes # 1142: Plugin framework is broken
  • Fixes # 1183: Test from creating new model reset all parameters to default in all open FitPages
  • Fixes # 1188: Colons removed from magnetic parameter names to address Python variable issue - done in 4.2. but documented in 4.2.1
  • Fixes # 1205: 4.2 set weighting choice seems to be ignored.
  • Fixes # 1206: Incorrect (and confusing) presentation of dQ from data in instrumental smearing section
  • Fixes # 1212: Bug in Iqxqy plotting non rectangular / square matrices?
  • Fixes # 1221: ABS reader does not read in USANS data properly GitHub
  • Fixes # 1222: smearing options incorrect on show2D and show1D in fitpage14: Loading a saved project is really really slow
  • Fixes # 1223: Expand permitted range of transformed data in Corfunc implementation

Known Issues

A full list of known bugs and feature requests by release version that users may wish to be aware of can be viewed at

Moreover the issues with older plugins noted in 4.2.0 release notes remain valid.

Acknowledgement and citation

If you publish work making use of SasView 4.2,1 please include the following text:
This work benefited from the use of the SasView application, originally developed under NSF Award DMR-0520547. SasView also contains code developed with funding from the EU Horizon 2020 programme under the SINE2020 project Grant No 654000.

SasView 4.2.1 can be cited as :
M. Doucet, et al. SasView Version 4.2.1

Bug Reporting

Please support the project by reporting bugs that you find to

All the known bugs/feature requests can be found at:

Regular developer builds are also available from if you wish to test the very latest (most likely unstable) versions of SasView.

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