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@rozyczko rozyczko released this Feb 8, 2019

New in Version 5.0 Beta 2

This pre-release contains improvements and a number of bug fixes. This pre-release is based on Python 3 and Qt5/PyQt5.


  • Look and behaviour of the Constrained and Simultaneous Fitting panel has been reworked and improved significantly.
  • Project Load and Save have been re-implemented and improved.
  • Analysis Load and Save have been re-implemented and improved.
  • Project and Analysis Load is now backward compatible with version 4.
  • Image Viewer has been converted and redesigned.
  • The NeXus loader has been removed as it is superseded by the NXcanSAS standard loader and SasView does not support the treatment of raw data.
  • Fit results charts are now visible during the fitting process for more advanced optimizers.
  • Model Editor now allows for editing C++ files, if they are a part of the plugin model definition.
  • Binary signature of the Windows installer by European Spallation Source. This allows for authentication of the author and assurance of the installer's integrity.


  • Updated to the most recent versions of Qt.
  • Improved Model Category Manager.
  • Added Close All Plots and Minimize All Plots functionality.
  • Drag and Drop file load now accepts also directories.
  • Multiple data loading improvements.
  • There have been numerous other bug fixes.
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