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@wpotrzebowski wpotrzebowski released this Feb 7, 2020 · 56 commits to ESS_GUI since this release

These are release candidates for version 5.0.1

New in Version 5.0.1

This release fixes several issues reported in 5.0.

Resolved Issues
Fixes sasview # 1339: Problem with plotting of the Correlation Function
Fixes sasview # 1350: Multiple issues with the 2D slicer
Fixes sasview # 1361: Data with negative values not showing on linear scale
Fixes sasview # 1357: Q-range in the Correlation Function can be set by dragging
Fixes sasview # 1356: Load in Mask Data column from NCNR 2D Data
Fixes sasview # 1336: Issues with closing and reopening fit plots
Fixes sasview # 1356: Change default state of dependent plots to unchecked
Fixes sasview # 1325: Changing model resets the Q-range
Fixes sasview # 1371: Multiple issues with fit plot lifetimes
Fixes sasview # 1374: Data Operations not including all datasets
Fixes sasview # 1327: Append functionality too generous
Fixes sasview # 1086: Added separate thread for OpenCL tests
Fixes sasview # 937: Set theory and data to the same Vmin/Vmax for 2D plots
Fixes sasview # 1337: Automatically resizing plot legends
Fixes sasview # 1417: Ambiguous labeling in Resolution tab
Fixes sasview # 1431: When loading plugin model with unicode character, plugin editor crashes
Fixes sasview # 1413: Corfunc is not working well
Fixes sasview # 1293: Cannot model SESANS Data in GUI
Fixes sasview # 1337: Non-resizing plot legend on OSX
Fixes sasview # 690: Set reasonable min/max on polydispersity values for fitting
Fixes sasview # 1412: Windows installer shortcut is misnamed
Fixes sasview # 1410: Issues with multi-core shell model
Fixes sasview # 1452: Clarified issue with Add/Multiply operation for plugin models
Fixes sasview # 1441: Show SLD profile plot - linear not log

Known Issues

All the known bugs/feature requests can be found in the issues on github. Note the sasmodels issues are now separate from the sasview issues (i.e. different repositories)

A problem has been identified in Version 4.2.2 which also affects versions 5.0.0 and 5.0.1. The Easy Add/Multiply Editor dialog should not be used to combine a plugin model with a built-in model, or to combine two plugin models. In 5.0.0 the operation will fail (generating an error message in the Log Explorer). Whilst in 5.0.1 the operation has been blocked until the problem can be fixed. If it is necessary to generate a plugin model from more than two built-in models, please edit the plugin model .py file directly and specify the combination of built-in models directly. For example:

from sasmodels.core import load_model_info
from sasmodels.sasview_model import make_model_from_info

model_info = load_model_info('power_law + fractal + gaussian_peak + gaussian_peak') = 'MyBigPluginModel'
model_info.description = 'For fitting pores in crystalline framework'
Model = make_model_from_info(model_info)
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