SasView 4.0 Beta 1

@ajj ajj released this Aug 30, 2016 · 1514 commits to master since this release

Beta Release

This release is a beta, meaning it is intended as a relatively stable test release prior to the final 4.0 production release. There are many improvements over the last production release (3.1.2) as detailed in the previous alpha release notes. The main improvement is the restructuring of the models interface meaning that user supplied models are written in the same way as core models and can be added without rebuilding SasView. User models can also take advantage of polydispersity and GPU acceleration in the same way as core models.

Bug Reporting

Please support the project by reporting bugs that you find to

All the known bugs/feature requests can be found at:

Regular developer builds are also available from if you wish to test the very latest (most likely unstable) versions of SasView.

New Features

This beta release adds support for the magnetic and multilevel models of 3.1.2
along with a host of bug fixes found in the alpha.

  • Model package changes and improvements
    • All 3.1.2 models now available in new interface
    • Old custom models should now still work
      • '''NOTE:''' These will be deprecated in a future version. Old
        custom models should be converted to the new model format which
        is now the same as the built in models and offers much better
    • Custom model editor now creates new style models
    • Custom model editor supports better error checking
  • Documentation improvements
    • Continued general cleanup
  • Other improvements/additions
    • Support for new canSAS 2D data files added
    • Plot axes range can now be set manually as well as by zooming
    • Plot annotations can now be moved around after being placed on plot.
    • The active optimizer is now listed on the top of the fit panel.
    • Linear fits now update qmin and max when the x scale limits are
      changed. Also the plot range no longer resets after a fit.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixes bug #511 Errors in linearized fits and clean up of interface
      including Kratky representation
    • Fixes bug #186 Data operation Tool now executes when something is
      entered in the text box and does not wait for the user to hit enter
    • Fixes bug #459 plot context menu bug
    • Fixes bug #559 copy to clipboard in graph menu broken
    • Fixes bug #466 cannot remove a linear fit from graph
    • Numerous bugs introduced in the alpha

Known issues now fixed thanks to your feedback! - download latest developer version to get fixes.

  • #636 qmin error erroneuously thrown to console before successfully fitting for select models
  • #633 P(r) crashing on Sasview when entering 0.0 for Dmax
  • #642 canSAS 1D xml file take forever to load
  • #644 Loading saved fit or project opens multiple plot and fit windows and can throw error messages to the console
  • #635 n_layers = 0 causes errors to be thrown at least on windows
  • #658 Generic ASCII reader broken (should not be fixed to properly read most ASCII columnar data)
  • #651 Documentation on how to write new style models added
  • #654 Problme saving projects (should now work again as it used to).
  • documentation continuing to be added and refined.