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Code Camp X Planning


The Tenth SasView Code Camp, Will be held at Caltech in Pasadena, CA (USA) from March 18 through 23rd 2020. The SasView community wishes to thank Professor Julia Kornfield for her generous support of this activity.

NOTE: We are hoping to have a pre-Code Camp 'Bootcamp' to cover things like python basics, code structures, and using the tools of collaborative development, mainly git/github.

Travel and Accommodation

Getting to the location

Pasadena is part of the greater LA area, situated to the North, North-East of LA. The area is served by a number of airports but most will likely be coming through LAX. Besides renting a car for the stay (directions links to be added), Uber, regular taxis and shared ride vans are all available from LAX to Pasadena.

NOTE: Pasadena is quite walkable and once on location, a car should not be necessary.

Hotel Suggestion

Coming soon


Eduroam is available on the Caltech campus as is a general visitor network. As necessary other options may be explored.

Food & Drink

The Caltech campus is well-supplied with eateries and places for coffee. Click here for a map.

Contact Information

Participants (current list)

Participant Affiliation Arrival Departure Hotel Notes
Rachel Ford Caltech N/A
Wojtek Potrzebowski ESS Mar 16th Mar 23rd TBA
Steve King ISIS Mar 20th?* Mar 23rd+ TBA *Likely teaching through 3/18 +Could stay longer
Piotr Rozyczko ESS Mar 17th Mar 23rd


Coming soon




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