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This is the Repository for my student research project "Parallel Graphalgorithms in Neo4j" at TU Dresden. The final PDF document (in German) can be found here

Quick Start

1. Build it:

This Java project is built with Maven. With this command maven will generate a jar file for you:

    mvn install

2. Use it

You have two options to use the jar, you've just built. Use Neo4j als EmbeddedDatabase and run the jar by itself or have Neo4j run this jar as an unmanaged extension.

Run as standalone

Start it with

    java -jar <JAR> A B C D E F G H I 
     A = Name of the Algorithmus (RW, SCC, WCC, DegreeStats)
     B = OperationNumber (for RW) [for the other algorithms this parameter states eg. how many nodes (out of a list) a thread has to expand [BATCHSIZE]]
     C = Number of Runs
     D = Number of Threads * **
     E = Kernel API (true or false) (for RW) [for the other algorithms this parameter is irrelevant, but some value still needs to be present]
     F = PropertyName, under which the results will be saved at the nodes
     G = PageCache (String ala "6G")
     H = Path to DB
     I = Write or NoWrite
     * If D is greater than one, the corresponding multithread algorithm will automatically be used 
     ** Attention: If this Number is -1 and SCC with 1 Thread is executed, Multistep SCC with 1 Thread will be used. This little "hack" is intended.


     java -jar <JAR> RW 1001000 10 8 true RandomWalkCounterTest 6G C:\\BelegDB\\data\\graph.db NoWrite
     java -jar <JAR> SCC 2000 10 8 true SCC_Nr 8G C:\\BelegDB\\data\\graph.db Write

Run as unmanaged extension

Please follow the steps from Neo4j Unmanaged Extensions to get Neo4j to work with your jar.

Start the Algorithms with GET-Requests with the following syntax.

Algorithm Syntax of GET-Request
Warmup http://server:port/mountpoint/warmup
Example: http://server:7474/extension/algorithms/warmup
Random Walk http://server:port/mountpoint/randomWalk
Example: http://server:7474/extension/algorithms/randomWalk
Weakly Connected Components http://server:port/mountpoint/weaklyConnectedComponents
Example: http://server:7474/extension/algorithms/weaklyConnectedComponents
Strongly Connected Components http://server:port/mountpoint/stronglyConnectedComponents
Example: http://server:7474/extension/algorithms/stronglyConnectedComponents

The parameter Number_of_Threads can also have the value "auto". This will automatically select a number of threads matching the number of cores in your cpu

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