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Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer

Client application to display hardware implementation details for GPUs supporting the Vulkan API by Khronos.

The hardware reports can be submitted to a public online database that allows comparing different devices, browsing available features, extensions, formats, etc.

Supported platforms

A Vulkan compatible device is required

  • Windows (x64)
  • Linux (x64)
  • Android (Including Android TV)
  • Mac OS X


Build Project

The repository includes a project file for the Qt Creator IDE that has been tested to work with Windows, Linux and Android. This is the preferred (and easiest) way of building the application if you want to build it yourself. Using the Qt Visual Studio Tools, it's also possible to use a current Visual Studio version. Alternatively, you can simply run qmake followed by make in the source directory.


Current releases for all platforms will be provided on a regular basis at