Sources for some of my old Delphi projects
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Historical delphi repository


The uploaded projects are neither complete, nor do they contain data files (textures, models, etc.), so you may be able to compile some of the projects, but still need the data files to run them.

What is this

This repository is an archive for some of my projects written in Delphi. Since I don't do any private development with Delphi, the source are mostly for educational purposes or because several people have requested them.

And since I don't wont them to collect dust on some of my backup discs, I decided to upload them here.

To find more information on (some) of the projects, take a look at


The license depends on the project, so before using the source, please refere to the license in the appropriate source file (or if specified) the readme of a project.

A little bit of history

I've been developing stuff with Delphi for over 15 years (before recently switching to other languages), so the coding style varies a lot and especially the older projects lack a proper coding style and polish ;)