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Show-Hide Invisible Files in Finder.txt
Show-Hide Invisible Files in

Show-Hide Invisible Files in Finder

Triggers HIDE/SHOW invisible files in Finder on the Mac

To use it do the following :

  1. Copy the code given into your AppleScript Editor on the Mac under Applications > Utilities > AppleScript Editor
  2. Save as application on your hard drive somewhere
  3. Enable the Scripts Menu (if you haven't already) :
  4. Goto Users/me/Library/Scripts/Applications/Finder (create this folder if its not already there) and copy the application you just generated into the folder.
  5. The script is now available in the Scripts menu item on the menubar whenever you are in the Finder.

The application will check the current status of Invisible files in Finder, trigger either the HIDE or SHOW option depending on its current status, and relaunch the Finder to make the change.

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