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Releases: Sashie/skript-yaml


13 Aug 12:51
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1.20+ Thanks to @ShaneBeee!!!


04 Feb 03:11
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Imagine not releasing a fixed version for so long and forgetting all the changes that were done since the last release!

There is better compatibility with things and stuff in this version ^.^


Update time

25 Jun 23:32
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  • Added list value expression [[skript-]y[a]ml] value %number% (of|in|from) list %string% (of|in|from) %string% [without string checks]

    • Warns if the node is not a list or if the index is not within range
  • Added more verbose error logging

    • Internal errors now show the sk file and line number also there are more error/warning messages for certain things
  • Bug fixes

    • Sometimes strings would split between multiple lines (which snakeyaml does by default) causing data to sometimes be lost
      • Fixed by preventing strings from splitting
    • Sometimes strings containing '&' would save without double quotes and cause an error preventing the data from loading correctly
      • Fixed by forcing those strings to save with double quotes (currently )
    • Fixed some NPEs laying around the place
  • Skript versions

    • In Skript 2.4 some api changes were made to some class names and methods and again in Skript 2.6 some other changes were made
      • This update addresses those changes and makes things backwards compatible

Thanks to @wallace4BR and others for helping me test unreleased updates between the last release

Actual Yaml directory id hotfix

28 Jun 02:07
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This actually fixes things

Yaml directory id hotfix

26 Jun 02:46
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This update should fix the issue with yaml directory ids not working in the last release!

Added a few random things

16 Jun 00:33
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  • Backwards compatibility

    • Some time during 1.13.2 spigot decided to update snakeyaml
    • In the previous update I made skript-yaml work with the newer version but didn't make things backwards compatible
    • Now everything works with versions 1.13.2 and lower
  • Updated load effect

    • [re]load [(1¦non[(-| )]relative)] [y[a]ml] %string% as %string% (only allows a single input)
    • [re]load [(1¦non[(-| )]relative)] [y[a]ml] %strings% [using [the] [file] path[s] as [the] id[s]]
      • Using [using [the] [file] path[s] as [the] id[s]] replaces having to manually enter the file path as an id
      • This second syntax allows for multiple inputs
  • Updated unload effect to unload [y[a]ml] [(1¦director(y|ies))] %strings% (allows for multiple inputs)

    • The [(1¦director(y|ies))] option requires one or more directories as an input and unloads any loaded yaml files from them
  • Updated save effect to save [y[a]ml] %strings% [with an indentation of %-number%] [(1¦[and] with(out| no) extra lines between nodes)]

    • Now allows for multiple inputs
    • You can also set the amount of indentation
  • Updated delete yaml effect to delete [y[a]ml] %strings%

    • Now allows for multiple inputs
  • Moved all delete yaml directory syntax to a single class(internal stuff)

    • Updated delete (all|any) [y[a]ml] from [(1¦non[(-| )]relative)] director(y|ies) %strings%
    • Moved delete (all|any) loaded [y[a]ml] from [(1¦non[(-| )]relative)] director(y|ies) %strings%
    • Moved delete (all|any) loaded [y[a]ml] from [(1¦non[(-| )]relative)] director(y|ies) %strings% using [the] filename as [the] id
  • Updated all loaded yaml expression to [(the|all [(of the|the)])] [currently] loaded y[a]ml [files] [from (director(y|ies) %-strings%|all directories)]

    • Using the from director(y|ies) %-strings% option outputs all loaded yaml from one or more directories
  • Added all loaded yaml directories expression [(the|all [(of the|the)])] [currently] loaded y[a]ml directories

  • Added yaml file exists condition [(1¦non[(-| )]relative)] y[a]ml file %string% exists and [(1¦non[(-| )]relative)] y[a]ml file %string% does(n't| not) exist

  • Fixed issue in the yaml expression where node keys were not adding and removing properly.

  • Fixed issue with using AsyncEffect during on disable: event

  • Added some loop stuff for the yaml expression

  • Added ability for other (java)addon developers to register custom tags(!location, !vector, etc..) with skript-yaml

    • Warns if the tag or class you are trying to register is already registered
    • Also warns if the represented or constructed class doesn't match the class you are registering
    • This is only useful if for some reason you want to add the ability to save something to yaml that doesnt already serialize


23 Jan 16:49
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1.13 support

  • Fixed issue with stuff not saving properly due to 'NoSuchMethod' error

EDIT: At the moment this version doesn't work with some older versions of spigot(1.8 etc.), you can safely use 1.2.4 if you get a 'NoSuchMethod' error


30 Jun 13:58
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More fixes

  • Fixed issue with files not loading if some keys contained integers
    • They now get converted into characters, keep this in mind when fetching data from those nodes
  • Fixed issue with elements not saving in the same order they were set
  • Fixed error when loading a file with empty nodes
  • Fixed a casting issue with lists


12 Jun 13:56
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  • Fixed issue #6 before it was reported <3
    • Moved serialization method to better location to address an issue where certain serialization didn't happen if the file was loaded and saved again(without setting the value)
  • Added more skript classes to the representer
    • Date, Time, Timespan, Color and WeatherType
      • Date is parsed the same way snakeyaml would have converted 'java.util.Date'
      • The rest use skript methods to convert back and forth


05 Jun 20:20
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  • Added Skripts ItemType and Slot class to the yaml representer
    • This fixes certain items not being saved as ItemStack
  • Fixed stacktrace when saving empty yaml
  • Updated the Yaml expression to filter color codes back and forth
    • Use the without string checks option to disable it