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Finished checking 4.3.2 opcodes. Renamed some to old name, other need…

… a careful review (see note below). Added some more from matvkin and SMSG_MONSTER_MOVE from LordJZ.

- SMSG_MOVE_TELEPORT_UPDATE has old SMSG_MOVE_TELEPORT value. Same is for SMSG_PLAY_SPELL_VISUAL and SMSG_PLAY_SPELL_VISUAL_KIT. We need to find out what they refer to.
- All MOVE opcodes have been splitted, MOVE_SET are CMSG while MOVE_UPDATE are SMSG
- ALL _LFG_ opcodes have been renamed to _DF_

Added some opcode infos too, more to come (from LJZ)
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1 parent fb590f6 commit ca2f359c524dfe7569a8c322178d192aeb5259b8 @TheHacker66 TheHacker66 committed Feb 5, 2012
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