SassConf 2015 Conference public call for papers.
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SassConf 2015

A conference for front-end developers and designers that love Sass and are passionate about building a better, more beautiful web.

The CFP closed on June 20, 2015. You can see our selected speakers at & buy your ticket today!

Location & Date

SassConf will be held in Austin, Texas in on November 11-14 2015.


Past SassConfs have been approximately 150 attendees.

More Details

Submission Guidelines

Find out more about all the types of presentations here.

Mentoring & Speaker Prep

This year we are focusing on helping our submitters have a great submission, as well as working closely with speakers after they are selected to make their presentations great.

Selection Process

How we're selecting speakers this year.

Speaker Benefits

We know it's a lot of work to submit and give talks, so we're gonna take care of you!

Code of Conduct

Yes: we have a code of conduct, and yes, we will enforce it.

And finally, a special thank you to some special groups and people for helping us improve our CFP and make SassConf a reality!