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SassDoc Theme Boilerplate

So you want to build your own theme? You've come to the appropriate place. This is a blank theme so you can build yours based on this one, without too much hassle hopefully.

This theme has no CSS, no JavaScript and barely displays any information at all. All it has is a working view that explains how you should proceed to output content about your documented items. For more informations about what's being passed to the view, be sure to read the documentation.

Note that this theme uses:

  • Themeleon as a theming engine (but you could do without),
  • Swig as a template engine, through themeleon (but you could do without).

For extra informations about building your own theme, be sure to have a look at the documentation.

Don't forget to npm install in the theme directory if you require it with the --theme option. Otherwise, this is done automatically when you require a theme via npm.

TIP: You might want to also have a look at the SassDoc theme generator.
It will customize and output all the boilerplate files for you.


A blank theme to kickstart your own.



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