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JavaScript coding guidelines

This is an extension to Node Styleguide by Felix Geisendörfer. Anything from this document overrides what could be said in the Node Styleguide.

Always lint code before pushing.


Always add a trailing blank line at end of file.

String interpolation

When a string contains a variable, use backticks rather than single quotes to wrap it.

console.log(`Theme: #{value}.`);

Module imports

import { foo } from './foo';

Module exports

Exported functions and classes should always have a name, even if it's not required per see. Naming exports help debugging and figuring out what's going on.

export default function foo() {}
export default class Bar {}

Object description

Objects with 1 or 2 key/value pairs can be written either on a single line or on multiple lines, with no extra comma.

let obja = { foo: 'foo' };
let objb = { foo: 'foo', bar: 'bar' };

f({ foo: 'foo' });
f({ foo: 'foo', bar: 'bar' });

Objects with at least 3 key/value pairs should be written with each pair on its own line. Last pair also has a trailing comma to make it easier to move lines around.

let obj = {
  foo: 'foo',
  bar: 'bar',
  baz: 'baz',

  foo: 'foo',
  bar: 'bar',
  baz: 'baz',

Variable declaration

Variable declarations, no matter with var or let should not be aligned.

let a = 1;
let ba = 2;

Arrow functions

let x = () => {
  // ...

Default arguments in functions

Equal symbol (=) should always be surrounded by spaces when defining default values for arguments in a function signature.

function foo(bar = 'baz') {}

Code blocks

Whenever writing an if/else statement, the else keyword should directly follow the closing curly brace from the if statement. No line break between the closing brace and the keyword should exist.

Also, there should always be a single space between the if keyword and the condition.

if (condition) {
  // ...
} else if (condition) {
  // ...
} else {
  // ...

Same goes with do/while and try/catch.

Inline documentation

Every function should be documented using JSDoc. Annotations should not be aligned in order not to have to update alignment whever a longer line is added.

 * @param {String} foo
 * @return {Boolean}
 * @see something


All comments, both inline and multiline should be written in proper English, starting with a cap, ending with a full stop. Inline comments (//) are used when the comment holds on a single line (<80 characters). Multiline C-style comments (/** */) are used when the comment is splitted across several lines.

// Post process configuration.;

config.view = config; // Backward compatibility.

 * This is an extra long comment that does not fit on a single line because it
 * is longer than 80 characters. Because of this, it it splitted across several
 * lines.