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How to setup up Green Tea


At first you set values for Beaker. Create and modify file setting/

BEAKER_OWNER = "username"
BEAKER_PASS = "password"


For asynchronous operation Green Tea needs to run cron.

*/1 * * * * greentea python /data/Greantea/ pickup --traceback

Following command check status of beaker jobs (automation tests):

*/20 * * * * greentea python /data/Greantea/ check_beaker --quiet --traceback

Or it is possible to create record in taskperiod (greentea cron) in webui administration (page /admin/taskomatic/taskperiod/):

Command: check_beaker
Enable: True


Warning: only version 2 (currently 2.4) of Elasticsearch is supported.

For searching in beaker logs, it can possible use service elasticsearch. The easy way is run docker

docker run -d --name elasticsearch.localhost -p 9200:9200 elasticsearch:2

and set correct address in project's settings.



docker run -d -p 5601:5601 --name kibana.localhost --link <elasticsearch>:<elasticsearch> -e ELASTICSEARCH_URL=http://<elasticsearch>:9200 kibana:4

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