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Making it easy to build Bitcoin secure, efficient and scalable Bitcoin applications!
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Bitcoin-related Dockerfiles and configurations

This is the public repository of dockerfiles used in production by Satoshi Portal for the Bitcoin applications it develops and operates, including Bylls and Bitcoin Outlet.

We regularily update the existing Dockerfiles and add more.
See subdirectories for what you are looking for.

Please submit improvements and post your comments, we definitely want to get better with your help!

This repo is hosted at


  • Lightweight alpine-based docker containers (runnable on RPi’s and other small devices)
  • Using less possible new code, most possible existing OS built-in/well-known softwares
  • Using container OS as running platform instead of language-based interpreter
  • Encrypting everything through Docker Encrypted Overlay Network
  • Distributing everything through Docker Swarm to maximize scallability
  • Exposing nothing outside the overlay network

Our philosophy: Security, Lightweight, Performance & Scalability.

List of Dockerfiles

Install git to clone this project

sudo apt-get install git

Extract this project on the machine

git clone


  • Update LND
  • A lot of improvements
  • More details in the docs
  • Electrum Personal Server
  • Electrum Server

Contributions are welcome!

Thanks for the pull requests :)

For questions and comments please create an issue.


If you want us to add a docker, please create an issue this way:

  • Paste the source code of the repository you want us to add
  • Tell us why you think this is useful and/or how you (or you think someone else) may want to use it. This will help us prioritize and think of the actual usage.
  • Put the label "wishlist" on the issue.
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